We want to be the leading lights in the divine world of coffee;
embodying quality and showing an unparalleled focus on the needs of constantly evolving cosmopolitan consumers.
We ceaselessly combine passion and tradition in our pursuit of excellence and innovation.
We espouse the ethical principles of integrity, uprightness and transparency as we bring to fruition the dreams of our customers, which are at the heart of our business.

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Procaffé S.p.A. is behind a number of prestigious, long-standing and extremely well-established names: Bristot (Belluno) was founded in 1919, Deorsola (Turin) was founded in 1920, and Breda (Padua) was founded in 1921.
The company is now owned by WEDL & Hofmann GmbH, a leading international group in the food industry. This provides it with a solid financial structure, allowing us to develop long-term strategies and look to the future with great peace of mind.